UHCS PhD Showcase 2017

Program - Friday, April, 2016

2016 Computer Science PhD Showcase


2:00 PM PhD Showcase Welcome
2:05 PM Presenters describe poster highlights
2:45 PM Poster sessions A & B
4:45 PM Break
5:00 PM Reception and awards

We hope you will join the Computer Science department at the PhD Showcase. Please RSVP to Yvette Elder at yelder@uh.edu.

ID Author Poster Title
1 Pengfei Dou Pose-Robust Face Signature for Multi-View Face Recognition
2 Salahaldeem Taamneh Hypothesis-Driven Ubiquitous for Affective Studies
3 Mahmut Unan Volumetric Imaging of Contrast Enhanced Tubular Structures with Multi-planar Projection Acquisition
4 Nikoloas Sarafioanos Show Me Your Body: Gender Estimation From Still Images
5 Li Wei Human Activity Recognition Using Deep Neural Network with Contextual Information
6 Suraj Maharjan Book Success Prediction Using Hand-Crafted and Neural Network Learned Representations
7 Yuhang Wu Robust 3D-Aided Face Recognition: Rendering or Pose-Normalization?
8 Junmo An 3D Reconstruction of Tubular Structures from MR Projections
9 Nacer Khalil Nonintrusive Occupant Identification by Sensing Body Shape and Movement
10 Xiang Xu Face Alignment via an Ensemble of Random Ferns
11 Prasha Shrestha Age and Gender Prediction on Health Forum Data
12 Arko Barman Unsupervised Posterior Probability Estimation for Score Fusion in Person Re-identification Systems
13 Lingfeng Zhang Hierarchical Classification based Deep Visual Recognition
14 Zahra Pisheh Quantifying Feature Interaction
15 Kyeong-An Kwon Scholar Plot: A Compact and Scalable Visualization Method for Academic Careers
16 Carlos Rincon Optimization of the Highest Entropy First scheduling algorithm for Real-time Systems
17 Lei Zhang Flow Visualization Based on A Derived Rotation Field
18 Youcef Barigou Maximizing Communication-Computation Overlap through Automatic Parallelization and Run-Time Tuning of Non-blocking Collective Operations
19 Ashik Khatri Effects of Simple Personalized Goals on the Usage of a Physical Activity App
20 Zhimin Gao Integrity Protection for Big Data Processing with Dynamic Redundancy Computation
21 Seyyed Hessam Aldin Mohammad Moradi Accurate Fingerprinting of USB Devices to Enable Whitelisting-based Device Security
22 Mohammad Rahman Optimal Checkpointing for Inter-dependent Parallel Processes in Volunteer PC Grids
23 Dinesh Majeti Cross Pollinators between Biology and Computing - The Invisible College of Genomics
24 Yiqun Zhang The Gamma Operator for Big Data Summarization on an Array DBMS
25 Shweta Jha Impact and Limitations of Point-to-point Performance on Collective Algorithms
26 Xifeng Gao Parameterization-based Structure Simpliļ¬cation for Hex Re-meshing
27 Olga Datskova Fault Tolerance in Distributed HEP Environments
28 Muhsin Zahid Ugur Mobile Designs for Circumplex - A field evaluation study
29 Wellington Cabrera Arevalo Vector-Matrix Multiplication with SQL Queries to Solve Graph Problems
30 Levent Albayrak Pathogen Detection Using Next Generation Sequencing Technology
31 Mohammed Shahneous Bari Performance Characterization of Applications Across Different Programming Models Using Similarity Analysis