PGH 5th Floor Hallways, Friday,February 08,1:50 PM - 3:30 PM
1 Ayodunni Aribuki Quantifying the Performance of Cache-Based Versus Scratchpad-Based Memory Organizations for Scientific Applications
2 Wei Ding A Similarity-Based Analysis Tool for Scientific Applications Porting
3 Deepak Eachempati Supporting Optimized Execution of Coarray Fortran Programs with the OpenUH Compiler
4 Waleed Faris Communicating with ALPS: The Building of a Natural Language Processor
5 Apurva Gala Gait-Assisted Person Re-identification
6 Hakan Haberdar Video Synchronization as One-Class Learning
7 Son Hoang A Pattern Recognition Approach for Learning Tracks of Heavy-Ion Particles in Timepix Detectors
8 James LaGrone A Task Synchronization Extension for OpenMP
9 Binh Le Smooth Skinning Decomposition with Rigid Bones
10 Kshitij Mehta Parallel I/O for High Performance Computing
11 Huy Nguyen On Budgeted Influence Maximization Problem in Social Networks
12 Swaroop Pophale OpenSHMEM: Benchmarks & Library Extensions
13 Behnaz Sanati Maximizing Job Benefits on Multiprocessor Real-Time Systems using Online Choice of Approximation Algorithms
14 Meenakshi Sharma DNA Methylating Analysis for Next Generation Sequencing Data
15 Khai Tran Social Cues in Group Formation and Local Interaction for Collective Activity Analysis
16 Guillaume Tran-Son-Tay An Efficient Hemodynamic Workflow in Computational Surgery
17 Roberto Valero Molina Kernel Properties
18 Vishwanath Venkatesan High Performance Parallel File I/O for Distributed Memory Systems
19 Xu Yan Modeling Local Behavior for Multi-Person Tracking
20 Lijuan Zhao Semi-Automated Registration of 3D Torso Images from Breast Reconstruction Surgery