Student Awards UH-COSC 2013 PhD Showcase Event

Poster Awards

Best Overall Poster – 1st Place – Binh Le for “Smooth Skinning Decomposition with Rigid Bones”

Best Overall Poster – 2nd Place – Apurva Gala for “Gait-Assisted Person Re-identification”
Best Overall Poster – 2nd Place – Huy Nguyen for “On Budgeted Influence Maximization Problem in Social Networks”

Best Poster Content – Vishwanath Venkatesan for “High Performance Parallel File I/O for Distributed Memory Systems”

Best Poster Form – Xu Yan for “Modeling Local Behavior for Multi-Person Tracking”

Honorable Mention – Swaroop Pophale for “OpenSHMEM: Benchmarks & Library Extensions”

Presentation Awards

PGH 232

Best Research Presentation – 1st Place – Malcolm Dcosta for “Peri-Nasal Indicators of Deceptive Behavior”

Best Research Presentation – 2nd Place – Duc Duong for “Spatiotemporal Breathing function Reconstruction”

Honorable Mention – Zechun Cao for “A Methodology for Finding Uniform Regions in Spatial Data and its Application to Analyzing the Composition of Cities”

PGH 563

Best Research Presentation – 1st Place – Ilyas Uyanik for “Interfacing Real-Time Ozone Information”

Best Research Presentation – 2nd Place – Avinash Wesley for “Eustressed or Distressed? Combining Physiology with Observation in Human Studies”

Honorable Mention – Sujing Wang for “Spatial Clustering”