PGH 232, 10:15AM -12:45PM
1 Paul Amalaman Modeling Evolution in Spatial Datasets
2 Ayodunni Aribuki  OpenMP in the Exascale Era
3 Emil Bilgazeyev Super-Resolution for Face Recognition
4 Wei Ding Detecting Stepping-Stone Intruders with Long Connection Chains
5 Malcolm Dcosta Peri-Nasal Indicators of Deceptive Behavior
6 Duc Duong Spatiotemporal Reconstruction of the Breathing Function
7 Dong Han Performance Analysis and Comparison of the RPL Routing Protocol in Noisy Environment
8 Charu Hans Quantitative Assessment of Toxicity on Vascular Development in Zebrafish
9 Raja Yalamanchili Learning based segmentation methods for Biomedical images
10 Xu Yan Visual Object Tracking
11  Lijuan Zhao 3D image hole filling / 3D point sets non-rigid registration
PGH 563, 10:20AM -12:45PM
 1 Binh Le Live Speech Driven Head-and-Eye Motion Generators
2 Yen Le Computational Frameworks for Mouse Brain's Gene Expression Image Analysis
3 Sasi Pichaimalai Incremental Clustering Inside A DBMS Using UDFs
4 Mario Rincon Cost-based Workload Balancing for Ray Tracing on a Heterogeneous Platform
5 Meenakshi Sharma Computation Tools to Study Cancer Data
6 Munara Tolubaeva Cost Models and Compile Time Optimizations
7 Guillaume Tran-Son-Tay Factors Influencing the Accuracy on Hemodynamic Simulation
8 Ilyas Uyanik Free Breathing Cardiac MRI
9 Roberto Valerio-Molina Kernel Properties
10 Vishwanath Venkatesan Design, and Evaluation Non-Blocking Collective I/O Operations
11  Yuanfeng Wen A Power-Efficient Adaptive Hybrid Display for Mobile Devices
12 Avinash Wesley Eustressed or Distressed?  Combining Physiology with Observation in User Studies