Student Awards UH-COSC 2012 PhD Showcase Event

Poster Awards

Best Overall Poster – 1st Place – Waleed Faris for “Communicating with ALPS: The Building of a Natural Language”

Best Overall Poster – 2nd Place – Apurva Gala for “Person Re-identification in Distributed Wide Area Surveillance”

Best Poster Content – Francisco Ocegueda-Hernandez for “Class Decomposition for Linear Classifiers – When Does it Work Well?

Best Poster Design – Hakan Haberdar for “Video Based Patrolling Using a Mobile Platform”

Presentation Awards

PGH 232

Best Research Presentation – 1st Place – Malcolm Dcosta for “Peri-Nasal Indicators of Deceptive Behavior”

Best Research Presentation – 2nd Place – Emil Bilgazeyev for “Super-Resolution for Face Recognition”

PGH 563

Best Research Presentation – 1st Place – Ilyas Uyanik for “Free Breathing Cardiac MRI”

Best Research Presentation – 2nd Place – Yuanfeng Wen for “A Power-Efficient Adaptive Hybrid for Mobile Devices”

Honorable Mention


3rd place in Form+Content+Interaction is Xiaohan Ma 
Poster Title: Perceptual Modeling of Expressive Facial Animation

2nd place in Content is Nikhil V. Navkar (16)
Poster Title: Visual Force-Feedback Interfacing for Image-Guided Telemanipulated Robotic Surgical System

2nd place in Form is Ming-Chih (Mitch) Shih (19)Poster Title: Automatic B Cell Lymphoma Detection Using Flow Cytometry Data


3rd Place

Ayodunni Aribuki: OpenMP in the Exascale Era

3rd Place

Vishwanath Venkatesan: Design, and Evaluation Non-Blocking Collective I/O Operations


P.S.: If you gave a talk in the event, you can pickup your feedback forms from the judging  from Anh Nash in 501 PGH.