PGH 5th Floor Hallways, Friday,February 17,1:45 PM - 3:15 PM
1 Yong Woon Ahn EC2M: Distributed Auto-Scaling Tools for Sensor-Based Real-Time Systems Running on Amazon EC2
2 Rakhi Anand A Robust and Efficient Message Passing Library for Volunteer Computing Environment
3 Chaitanya Belwal    Schedulability Analysis of P-FRP using Time Petri Nets
4 Wei Ding   Similarity-Based Planning Support for the Porting of Scientific Applications
5 Deepak Eachempati Optimization Framework for Coarray Fortran
6 Waleed Faris Communicating with ALPS: The Building of a Natural Language Processor
7 Apurra Gala Person Re-Identification in Distributed Wide Area Surveillance
8 Carlos Garcia-Alvarado Integrating, Querying and Analyzing Databases and Interrelated Documents
9 George Golovko Bioinformatics Tools for the Next Generation Sequences
10 Hakan Haberdar Video Based Patrolling using a Mobile Platform
11 William Holtkamp Dynamic Difficulty with Personality Influences
12 Bo Liu Towards Automatic Grid Application Performance Modeling
13 Xiaohan Ma Perceptual Modeling of Expressive Facial Animation
14 Kshitij Mehta Specification an dPerformance Evaluation of Parallel I/O Interfaces for OpenMP
15 Eduardo Mendizabal-Ruiz Segmentation of the Luminal Border in Intravascular Ultrasound using a physics-based approach
16 Nikhil V. Navkar Visual Force-Feedback Interfacing for Image-Guided Telemanipulated Robotic Surgical System
17 Francisco Ocegueda-Hernandez Class Decomposition for Linear Classifiers. When does it work well?
18 Swaroop Pophale OpenSHMEM Portable Library Implementation: Exploring Scalable Algorithms for Collective Operations in PGAS
19 Ming-Chih (Mitch) Shih Automatic B Cell Lymphoma Detection Using Flow Cytometry Data
20 Benjamin Soibam An arena-Independent force model of Drosophila locomotion
21 Ahmet Eren Sonmez A Novel Approach for Robot-Assisted Multimodal Biosensing and Imaging
22 Khai Tran Modeling Motion of Human Body Parts for Action Recognition
23 Philip Trevino Player Characteristics and Their Relationships to Rewards and Goals in Video Games
24 Khuong Vu Privacy for Location-Based Services: A Geometric Approach
25 Tarun Wadnawan SkinScan©: Melanoma Screening Using Handheld Devices
26 Mark Rojas A Comprehensive Computational Approach to Assist in the Development of Highly specific Assays