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                            Update UH-COSC 2012 PhD Showcase Event                                      February 13, 2012

The 2012 Computer Science PhD Showcase Event has been scheduled for Friday, February 17, 10a-3p. All Computer Science PhD students are expected to attend and contribute to the event:

PhD students who passed their PhD preliminary exam before February 1, 2012 will showcase their work in form of a poster during the poster session of the event. Posters have already been submitted to Brenda Stevens (bstevens@cs.uh.edu); the department will print the posters and return the posters to students so that they can frame and display them at their assigned spots. The posters will have to be displayed on the walls of the 5th floor no later than Feb. 16, 2012; if you are presenting a poster you should be available to during the event to present your poster to judges, faculty, students and other visitors and for answering questions.

·         PhD students who passed the PhD core requirement 2010 but not their preliminary defense, will give oral presentations about their research. Moreover, students who passed their core requirement in 2011 are allowed to give a presentation. Please prepare a 8-10-minute timed Powerpoint presentation by Tuesday, February 14, noon; please send your slides to: uhcoscphd@gmail.com; the submitted presentations will be put together into a single “real-time” slide show.

The talks will be given in two parallel sessions in 563 and 232 PGH. Each presentation is 8-10 minutes followed by 2 minutes of questions similar to scientific conferences; moreover, judges and attendees will have the opportunity to give feedback to presenters; however, the feedback will be solicited in written form using review forms which will be handed out during the event; feedback will be collected and returned to the participants after the event.

·         All other PhD students will help with organizing the event:

o   they serve a poster and presentation judges

o   they help with creating “real-time” slide shows and with the ‘real-time” judging of the presentations

o   they help with organizing the poster event

o   they help with advertising the event

·         There will be also a luncheon and panel discussion "How to be successful in your PhD Studies" during the luncheon

·         Awards will be given to the best 4 oral presentations and the best 3 posters.


Tentative Event Schedule on Feb.17, 2012

10:00 (232 PGH): Christoph F. Eick: Overview of the Event

10:05 (232 PGH): Jaspal Sublok: Welcome

10:15a-12:45p (232 PGH): Student Presentations

10:20a-1p (563 PGH): Student Presentations

12:45-1:30p (232 PGH): Lunch

1:10-1:50p (232 PGH): Panel Discussion “How to be successful in your PhD Studies"

1:45-3:15p (Hallways 5th Floor PGH): Poster Event


First Announcement

If you are a student that passed your PhD Core Requirement in Spring 2011 or earlier, but not the PhD Preliminary exam, you are required to give a 10 minute presentation of your research. More details coming soon.Awards will be given to the four best oral presentations.AllotherPhDstudentswillserveasjudgesandevaluatorsofposters/oralpresentations.

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